Use the tool to calculate the number of leads that you need to have in the pipeline for each sales executive (rep) at the beginning of a sales cycle in order to achieve the desired gross revenue for the period based on the number of account executives and the average transaction value. Do “what-if-analysis” on the fly.


Calculates lead flow necessary to hit revenue goals

Set lead to close conversion rates

Set percentage of sales needed from new leads

Set the number of reps in organization

Be one of the first marketers to test this newest tool and let us know what you think. We’ll be adding more mobile marketing applications as time goes by. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send us your ideas. This version of the tool is completely free of advertising, but you need to download it from our website. We’ll be offering a version of the tool through Google Store in the coming weeks.

Sorry, we’re not doing iOS version at this time. You can download an android emulator app for your iPhone or iPad at the Apple Store. Don’t have a clue how well it works.