CRM Application & Vendor Evaluation Tool    
  Use this CRM application and vendor evaluation tool to compare potential CRM solutions and the vendors that provide them.  For each parameter, rank vendors' applications and or the vendors based on their ability to deliver on your requirements.  The rating scale runs from a low of "1" -- (the application or vendor does not support this requirement) to a high of "4" -- (the vendor supports all of the requirements internally with their existing application).  The maximum possible score is 316 based on the listed requirements.  Select your rating from the drop down list that appears in each box. 

You may reset all factors to "0" to start over or when you are finished using the tool by clicking the RESET button at the bottom.  If a factor is not applicable to your business model or situation leave it "0."  You save a PDF copy of this analysis by clicking the PRINT button at the bottom.  You can also save the evaluation to your browser if you're not able to complete it in one sitting.  Just save the results, then open the file later.  
  Base your score for each factor/requirement on the following scale: Score    
  Not Applicable 0    
  Application and/or Vendor Does Not Support Requirement 1    
  Customization is Required to Support Requirement 2    
  Vendor Supports Requirement via Partner Solution 3    
  Vendor Supports Requirement Internally 4    
  Business Requirements      
  General Requirements
  Ability to Connect Offline
  Accounting System Integration
  Activity Planning & Tracking Capabilities
  Customization of Reports
  Exchange Server Integration
  Google Apps Integration
  Google Maps Integration
  Lotus Notes Integration
  Microsoft Excel Import/Export
  Microsoft Word Integration
  Mobile Access Capabilities
  Outlook Calendar Integration
  Outlook Email Integration
  Secure Web or Other Remote Access Options
  Shared Calendars Functionality
  Workflow Automation
  General Requirements Total
(Maximum Points: 64)
  Technical Requirements
  Communications Templates Creation / Mgmt. Capabilities
  Customization Capabilities
  Data Management Capabilities
  Desktop Administration Capabilities
  Email Administration Capabilities
  Integration with other Applications
  Manage Users Capabilities
  Mobile Administration Capabilities
  Monitoring Capabilities
  Offline Briefcase Configurations Management
  Online Help Tools
  Translation Customization Capabilities
  User & Group Security Settings
  User Training Capabilities, Tools, Etc.
  Technical Requirements Total
(Maximum Score: 56)
  Contact Management Requirements
  Account History & Tracking
  Advanced Search
  Bounced Contacts Management Capabilities
  Call/Email History & Tracking
  Contact Hierarchy Management
  Customizable Objects & Fields
  Customizable User Interface
  Important Accounts and Contacts
  List Building & Management
  Mail Merge for Letters and Faxes
  Mass Email Recipient Selection and Management
  Sync to Lotus Notes
  Sync to Outlook
  Time/Date Stamped Notes
  Contact Management Requirements Total
(Maximum Points: 56)
  Customer Service & Support Requirements
  Billable Time Tracking
  Case Monitoring Tied to Service Level Agreements
  Case Routing & Escalation
  Case Customization Options
  Case/Ticket Management
  Customer Self-Service Portal
  Customer Service Dashboard
  Customer Service Reports
  Knowledge Base
  Customer Service & Support Requirements Total
(Maximum Points: 36)
  Marketing Requirements
  Budget & Expense Monitoring
  Marketing Automation / Email Integration
  Campaign Dashboard
  Campaign Management
  Campaign Response Metrics
  Campaign ROI Measurement
  Compliance with CAN-SPAM
  Customer Segmentation & Profiling
  Customer Survey Tools
  Customizable Campaign Fields
  HTML Email Marketing
  Marketing Collateral Management
  Web Lead Capture
  Marketing Requirements Total
(Maximum Points: 52)
  Sales Requirements
  Contact Center Features (IP-PBX integration)
  Integration with Prospecting Tools
  Lead Dashboards
  Lead Management
  Lead/Customer Mapping to Google Maps
  Lead/Customer Route Planning to Google Maps
  Lead Reports
  Opportunity (funnel) Management
  Partner Relationship Management
  Sales Dashboards
  Sales Process Methodology
  Sales Reports
  Territory Management Features
  Sales Requirements Totals
(Maximum Points: 52 )
  Total for All Requirements (Maximum Point: 316)
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