Event Marketing Brief Template



Event Marketing Brief Template
Use the event marketing brief template to help you prepare an event brief for a specific business show or event. These are only guidelines. Please include any additional information that will help in communicating your plans in the notes section at the bottom of this document template. The cells under each topic/heading will expand or contract to accept the text you enter. These instructions can be deleted from the brief once completed.. You may leave sections and rows blank that do not apply to your business model.

Enter your responses in the provides sections. If you require more space for a response, simply drag the lower right corner of the box to enlarge it. To save a copy of your plan, select PRINT from your browser's file menu.
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Event Marketing Brief

Company or Organization:
Event Name:
Event Location:
Primary Contact:
Brief Prepared By:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Event Dates:
Brief Date:
Brief Revised Date:
Brief Approval Routing:
Name of Individual Title Date Submitted Date Approved
Opening Statement:
Market Situation:
Market Objectives Served by the Event
Event Strategy, Objectives, Key Messages, Target Audiences:
Marketing Communications Integration:
Business / Partner Integration:
Line Item Budget:
Line Item Categories Expense
Measurement Plan:
Notes or Additional Information